Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is a Musical: Flash Mobs, Glee and My Dirty Little Secret

I am infatuated with flash mobs. In fact - and here's the dirty little secret - it is a rare occurence when I watch a flash mob video that I don't get choked up... sometimes actually full on crying. I don't know what it is! I realize it is ridiculous, but something inside of me just cracks... perhaps it's the drama of it all, or the excitement of a large group of people coming together to produce an event that brings a bit of the extraordinary to the everyday.

Perhaps its just a throwback to the theatre-nerd I was in high school (and still a little bit today), but also I think it has something to do with the magical feeling that ANYTHING could happen.

This is the first that I remember watching, and it still makes me blubber. All the spectators are so happy, and I must say that it is one of the better choreographed of the bunch I've viewed (sometimes the crowds are too big and it loses the clarity of the whole event and starts to look a bit messy).

Tonight the long anticipated new epidose of Glee airs - chockfull (we can only hope) of hilarious antics, cheesy musical numbers and teenage drama. Despite my better judgement I have given myself over to this show, and was so excited to come across this flash mob that occured in Seattle this past weekend.

I also discovered the group Improv Everywhere through the delightful blog of one of their "senior agents" - Katie Sokoler of Color me Katie. This group has been at it for awhile, and they conduct all sorts of amusing "missions". Some of my favourites - true to today's theme - include their Spontaneous Musicals. So much fun.

I hope that the above links all bring a smile to your face. Or, if you're like a Gleek like me, a tear to your eye.


Mr. Edwards said...

"Gleek"? Is this the new term that fans have christened themselves as? Ugh. It's kinda lame with a little bit of a huey lewis hip to be square-esque 'don't make fun of me as i already am' thing going on. I think every time you mention your love of the show, you should have to say "i have a bad case of diar-glee-a. Then we can still laugh at you.

tom said...

Well just discovered GLEE flash mobs, I saw the wonderful video of the Galway and Dublin ones, of COURSE I missed the one here in Seattle.
I was disappointed in the spiteful comments on youtube, we have a saying here, ok we have lots of saying here, but the one I think applies to the joyless folk is if you've got nothing good to say shut up!@
Yes, me a 54 year old New Yorker living in EXILE in Seattle did shed a tear for the total joy of the participants was a wonder to behold
and well of COURSE I can't sing!!!
(so my wife tells me!!!)

Gina said...

"Mr. Edwards"/Scott- Thanks SO MUCH for your helpful suggestions. I'll seriously consider them... square-esque? :)

Tom- I say sing anyways! At least in the shower. No one can stop you there. I had no idea there were Glee flashmobs in Galway and Dublin! I'll have to look them up. I wonder if my co-blogger caught one in her travels (see last entry).

Laura said...

flash mobs make me teary too!!!

my favourite scenes in movies tend to be the "spontaneous" moments of communal (perfectly choreographed) dancing. flash mobs can make that a reality!

that glee one was really impressive and makes me think of ferris bueller or maybe austin powers. i don't know anything about glee the show, though.

i like the improv everywhere flashmob where the hundreds of shirtless guys go into that 5th avenue american eagle (or some store) in order to be just like the buff shirtless model who stands in the front window. they all get kicked out of the store eventually.

Miss Yu said...

Awww you're so cheesey. Love it.

idiot_legs said...

Haha this is awesome. I found you by googling "crying at flash mobs"- I have the same problem as you, and wanted to know if I was the only one! :D

Just watched the "Dream On" ep of Glee with the flash mob mall scene and had to fight to hold it together.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in this weird emotional response to spontaneous dance!