Friday, September 3, 2010

Songs To Feel A Bit Sad To

Hello again everyone! I have a post in the works about delicious, delicious food but in the meantime I've been procrastinating by making this mixtape for the the Poppytalk Mixtape Contest. I was also inspired by Sarah at Pink of Perfection's September mixtape about her autumn melancholy. It got me thinking about how the sound of an anguished female voice somehow always gets to me, especially as the weather cools and cozy sweater season approaches.

The mix contains some of my favourite angsty-female-singer numbers (and I know that Nico only sings back-up on "Sunday Morning" but I wanted it anyway, and it's my mix, so no complaining!). I made it with with a rainy day mood, but even if it's sunny where you are I'm sure you'll find some enjoyment in it.