Friday, October 29, 2010

London Calling, part 2!

Hello lovely readers!

I’m sorry if you thought that you had been abandoned by us in the past few months, you would be forgiven for thinking so. We have not disappeared, but have both been going through some major life changes. On my part, this involved a move to London, England; home of red telephone boxes, double decker buses, pie and mash shops, and y’know, the Queen. It’s been an exhausting two months, but I am no longer homeless (it was touch and go for a while though, the rental market here is more cutthroat than a department store sale the day after Christmas) and am now able to return to this, one of my favourite places.

In another potentially life changing move, I am taking part in a competition for a once in a lifetime place at Ballymaloe cooking school in Co. Cork, Ireland. I have been dreaming about attending this school for a really long time now, ask the friends and family who have patiently listened to me talking about it for the past several years! My move to London was actually made as I got a job here, so that I could save to go to Ballymaloe. It would however take quite a few years for me to save the tuition fee, so this competiton sponsored by wonderful Irish food brand Cully and Sully (seriously, their chicken soup tastes like your Grandmother’s homemade recipe) really is a dream-come-true kind of opportunity. If you would care to vote for me to win, and I do wish you would, please just follow this link (also to be found in its entirely below this post), and click the ‘like’ tab above my entry. Every vote really will count, and it only takes a second!
It feels great to be back here again, I have missed Cake and Cordial so, and look forward to spending much more time in your most excellent company.


Gina A said...

I urge you all do go and vote for my lovely friend! She totally deserves this opportunity!

I'm very excited! GO VOTE!

Leslie-Anne said...

I voted! Good luck!

Shawna @ My Nails Did said...

link didn't work for me!