Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cake for Breakfast

I was thinking I would like to write about the rhubarb recipe that I made the other night, but then I realized that everyone. is. already. writing. about. rhubarb. Such are the dangers of loving the excitement and flavours of seasonal foods. So I'm leaving the virtures of rhubarb to others' capable hands. Why not focus on a different delightful subject.

I am eating cake for breakfast.

Cake for Breakfast (Gina) 2010.

I did it yesterday. I did it today. I will probably do it again tomorrow. And you know what? I am a grown-up (sort of) and no one can stop me! Granted, it is not an icing-laden monstrosity - more of a rustic snackcake... but Cake! for Breakfast! Luxury.

Akin to the joys of cold pizza or leftover Chinese food, these breakfasts that are not really breakfast are sometimes just the reward needed to get out of bed and start the day. Another guilty pleasure for the file.

What are you favourite non-traditional breakfast items?

(For more (healthy) breakfast inspiration I love the blog Simply Breakfast.)


Alison said...

That looks amazing! And I love your napkin. I was thinking about making the wholemeal honey cake from River Cottage Everyday tonight, which I reckon would make a pretty great multi-functioning breakfast-to-pudding cake. And since it uses wholemeal flour, it's practically healthy!

Anonymous said...

Yum, love rhubarb!

I also love cake for breakfast, or biscuits, but my especially odd favourite breakfast item is jelly (jello to you?) It's a rare treat (usually the day after my birthday, when I've insisted on having jelly and ice cream like a little kid!) but is always brilliant!

Sarah Fortunato said...

rhubarb shmubarb. yes wonderfully delicious, and versatile...but who can compete with cake for breakfast and that polaroid...?

Jennifer said...

LOVE cake for breakfast!

Last week, I had made a lemon meringue pie (unfortunately, my meringue abilities are how you say? wretched) and it was my breakfast item of choice, paired with a creamy cup of coffee. Yay for being an adult and eating pastry before noon!

Leslie-Anne said...

In Italy, they ate cookies for breakfast as a matter of daily life. My roommate would eat like 6 cookies and a tea. They were dozens of varieties of breakfast cookies. Strange!